LottoKing News: Powerball Winner of $2M Hails From Virginia Beach

Michael Alton’s wife Natasha was all set on buying a new dryer but he opted to swap the heating element that cost $28 instead.

Natasha will now get a new washer and dryer because her husband has won the lottery. No more repair it yourself for us she said as they collected the check at Wawa, the Virginia Lottery located at 2501 Virginia Beach Boulevard. 48 years old Alton won $2m from the Powerball drawing on September 19th.

He matched five numbers, missed the Powerball number but bought an additional $1 Power Play that gave him the $2M. The winning numbers were 48, 43, 26, 17, & 12.

These numbers he played because they represent the ages of his family which includes four sons.

He woke as per usual on Sunday; during the day he checked the numbers then ran and woke his wife with much excitement. They stared at each other for awhile in disbelief, they still haven’t come to terms with it as yet, it’s still soaking in.

They finished paying for their children’s education with some of the earnings.

Michael is a retiree from the Navy who ran track; this win has brought back those memories. As a long distance runner he knows what it feels like to be out of breath and that is how he describes he felt when he realized he had won the lottery.