LottoKing Strategy: Beating The Odds With an Online Lottery Group

Ever since the lottery began, countless amounts of people have tried to “game” the popular leisure game or the system by attempting to beat this popular game. They’ve tried wheeling systems, mathematical formulas and astrological readings to name just a few. But those attempts at success have never been proven as an increase to the winning chances. But that was only until our popular Online Lottery Groups were intuitively and ingeniously formed!

The concept and foundation of the group itself is simple and easy to understand. Several people, typically friends, family or coworkers, buy a large amount of lottery tickets together, thereby reducing the cost of each ticket, and then split the potential winnings between them. With the LottoKing Online Lottery Group, we have kindly improved upon this genius concept and created our Groups with several very unique, signature features.

To start, we always make sure that all bonus numbers are covered in each lottery (where it’s available of course), so a win is always guaranteed for your group!

Then, we limit the number of participants in each group to 150 people, so when your group wins, each lucky participant will still be able to bank a considerably large amount of winnings!

We always offer anybody the option to purchase as many shares as he or she wants to on each group. So for example, you can play with 10 shares of the group, which means that if anything the group wins, you win ten folds!

And, each participant in the Group plays with 50 tickets per draw, which means a lucky 400 tickets per month!!

These incredible and irreplaceable features are what makes LottoKing Online Lottery Groups the absolute most profitable lottery group in the world! Join our Group lottery today to start playing and winning like a real lottery pro!