SuperEnalotto Italian Lottery Game

Play SuperEnalotto Online
The SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery game that can be played from anywhere in the world via the internet. The games history started back in 1997 and although the odds of winning are low the amount of money you are able to win if lucky enough are the highest in the world. The Enalotto is the SuperEnalotto predecessor and was introduced back in the 50’s, modified in 1997 by SISAL it became the SuperEnlotto offering even bigger prizes.

Initially 6 numbers were made up from 1 number taken from 6 participating cities in alphabetical order. If numbers drawn by each city had been previously drawn from another they would also take a number from Venice. This meant there would only be a small chance of two cities drawing the same numbers. If that did happen even with Venice’s number then there would have been no way to get the jackpot prize. As of 2009 the numbers have been taken independently of the main Lottomatica draws. This means there is only one draw that takes place for the main numbers and another draw for what is known as the ‘superstar’ number. 

How can I play?

Tickets for each entry to the SuperEnlotto are one euro each and you could play twice for this amount up until 2016 when rather than raise the price of the ticket it was decided it should be one euro per go. The first part of the game is to match the 6 numbers you have chosen to those drawn to win the jackpot. As well as the jackpot there are others ways to win a cash amount. if you match the ‘jolly’ number as well as 5 that you have chosen you can also win. There are different gradients of prizes you can win depending on how many numbers you match. To win any amount you must have matched at least 2 numbers. 

With the SuperEnlotto there is also another way to win if you pay extra to play the ‘SuperStar’ number. In the past the SuperStar number was taken from the Rome National Lottery however it is now drawn separately. This means that you could end up with a Superstar number that matches your other chosen numbers. If matched with other winning numbers your prize can be increased by 100 fold or a pre-chosen amount if none of the six chosen numbers do not match. 

SuperEnlotto is the hardest of all of the World Lotteries to win big by way of odds. 60% of the money that goes into the lottery goes back into the prize pool though meaning that it is also a lottery where you can win the biggest amount as it’s likely to roll over and never rolls down. Another reason people like playing the SuperEnlotto is because there are no taxes to pay if you win and you get the choice of taking your winnings out altogether or splitting it up to annuity payments. 

A great example where SuperEnlotto made a syndicate of 70 people very rich after it rolled over for 8 months. They all had their share of 177.7 million euros.