Lottario: The Dos & Don’ts if you want to win

Lottario lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in Canada & North America. Since its inception it has steadily grown in popularity and size. A recent update to the structure of the Lottario has only increased this popularity as the draw has become more exciting & with bigger prizes.

Lottario kept its early bird option that allows for player that buy their tickets early to be automatically entered into a separate Lottario draw where you need to match 4 numbers in order to stake a claim to $50,000! 

This was one of the more popular features of Lottario so were happy it stayed. Knowing the structure of any given lottery is the first step to working out how to improve your chances. Ignorance may be bliss, but in the world of the lottery, ignorance is no excuse.

Lottario Wheeling Method

Usually, the most popular method to increase your chances on the Lottario would be the wheeling method; this is where you pick, for example, 8 numbers. Lottario draw is only for 6 numbers, so the wheeling method is a way to put all possible 6 number combinations out of your 8 chosen into the draw. The result of this is that if any 6 of your 8 numbers match, you are guaranteed to win the jackpot. 

This method is not unique for Lottario & has been implemented in multiple lotteries all around the world. The wheeling method is a nice, simple & effective method to increase your chances and slightly tilt the odds in your favor.

Make Sure You Don’t Share Your Lottario Winnings

If you are worried about winning & then having to split your Lottario winnings with others, we would strongly advise selecting numbers 32 & above. The logic behind this is that the majority of plays who pick their own numbers do not pick random numbers – they choose birthdays, anniversary dates and other important dates to them. 

Selecting mostly numbers above 32 guarantees you that you will not be sharing your prizes with many. Indeed, the amount of tickets sold where the highest number picked is less than 32 is large. Considering that the Lottario is out of 45 numbers that is almost 1/3 of the potential drawn numbers cast aside before any draw takes place. This why players who play a lot tend to split and choose between under 31 numbers and 32+ numbers.

These 2 methods are popular because they work. There is no way to guarantee a Lottario jackpot coming your way but there are certain things (such as the two mentioned above) that can shift the odds towards you, why not give yourself an extra chance of becoming a Lottario winner!

Lottario lottery is drawn every Saturday, with eligibility for the early bird going to players who have bought their Lottario ticket before 11:59:59pm on the Friday. 

Let us know if these tips were helpful, or if you have any tips for winning Lottario millions that missed out. 

Good Luck!